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Starting A New York Nonprofit? Here Is Your Checklist!

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Dec 9th, 2013
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You have successfully worked in the private sector for over 10 years with many ideas swirling around your head. It is time for a change so your ideas can become reality. You have decided to form a non-profit. Unfortunately, in big New York City, you have no idea where to start. With a little help perhaps it will become clearer.


Forming A Nonprofit-Not For the Faint Of Heart


Forming a non-profit organization is one of the most tedious tasks a person will undertake. When it comes to what steps to take most people either seek out publications from the local bookstore or conduct in-depth Internet research.

Once you have determined what your non-profit will focus on, then you need to form it under the Not-For-Profit-Corporation-Law (NFCL) which is New York state law. The next steps are imperative in order to be a legal entity accounting for nonprofit in the state.


Nonprofit Organizing Requires Detailed Plans


Despite your excitement in finally starting your nonprofit organization, there are necessary legal details that must be attended to first. They include the following:

      • Choose a minimum of three directors for your nonprofit. They are required to be 18 years of age or older.

      • You must check the New York business name database located on the website to ensure the business name you choose has not already be taken. Then file the name with the Department of State. New York requires either the word Limited, Corporation, or Incorporated follow the name. An abbreviation of one of those words is acceptable also.
      • When filing a certificate of incorporation, a nonprofit articles of organization must also be included. These articles include the name, type of nonprofit being formed, office location county, names and addresses of the initial directors, duration it will exist if temporary, and the address the secretary of state to mail the service of process. If using a registered agent, the name and address is required.
      • New York nonprofit corporations are required to produce bylaws giving information on rules for when meetings are held, election of directors and officers, and any other state required formalities.
      • An organizational meeting must be held with your board of directors to appoint officers, approve bylaws, and set the tax year and accounting period. Opening a formal corporate bank account must be discussed. Then a meeting of the minutes is required.

        Your nonprofit must set up a corporate records binder to contain the bylaws, articles of organization and minutes of meetings.

Regardless of the long list of formalities necessary in forming your New York nonprofit, in the end it will be worth it. Once you get going and are able to incorporate all of the ideas that used to swirl around your head, successful completion of your goals is what counts. Remember there were many other nonprofits who had to do these same mundane tasks. Soon it will just be a faded memory.

How Do You Build Client Loyalty Online?

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Nov 8th, 2013
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Just because you build a functional website that pulls in a crowd doesn’t mean that your work is done. You’ve got to keep that user base coming back over the months and years to come if you hope to last as a business. So, the question becomes how do you build client loyalty? The trick is, you have to build on client trust. Here’s a few ways you can do just that.


Loyalty Is Vital


First, you’ve got to let your customers know what they’re getting for their time and money. It doesn’t matter if you do this through an email newsletter, or through more informal means. Whatever means you implement, the the purpose of this is to show your customers that you are providing a level of service they can’t get elsewhere. People are busy, and if you don’t point out what they’re getting from you, they may not ever really notice.

Implement a program that offers either cash back, or bonuses to your customers. Knowing that they’re getting something back, even if it’s minimal when compared to their initial investment, really offers certain customers the motivation to keep coming back to your site and service.

Be sure to keep special occasions in mind. Send your customers cards for their birthday, anniversary, and other holiday events. If you’re going to get into sending out gifts to specific customers, tie those gifts back into your company by having the gift be branded.


You Have To Earn Your Customer’s Loyalty


Offer individual profiles on your site for registered users. Let them customize their experience how they want whenever they visit your site. Letting them build an experience that better suits their individual needs is a great way to keep your customers not only using your site, but staying for extended periods of time.

Client loyalty is vital in today’s market. It’s no longer enough just to build a site that people use on occasion- you’ve got to keep them coming back, and keep them dedicated to your particular brand and service. While it’s more work on top of your already busy schedule, putting these techniques into practice will ensure your company’s stability.

The Best Fastener Company Is Experienced

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Oct 9th, 2013
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This is the first and last site you’re going to need: when looking for just the right set of fasteners, no matter what the project. ACF have decades worth of experience under their belts, and are just the company you’re looking for, when it comes to all of your home repair project needs. Gone are the days of searching on line and in person for a company that has your best interests in mind. From now on, they’ve got your back, and are prepared to do what it takes. Can you really say that about any other retail chain service, in the repair industry out there? Yeah, that’s what I thought.


Fasteners Are Their Business


In the world of home repair and supplies, experience trumps all. You want to deal with a company that knows which brands are worth your cash, and which clearly aren’t. You need a company that can set you up with exactly what you need, practically before you’ve even said what the project in question is. There’s no limit to ACF’s knowledge and willingness to help you out. Their staff are always ready to get you where you need to go as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Get Ready For Amazing Customer Service


Albany County Fasteners online have, without a doubt, the largest array of fasteners in a variety of sizes, all in stainless steel, silicon bronze and even solid brass. And, that’s just the start. You really should get in touch with them, in order to see what else they’ve got up their sleeves. They believe in only the best, lasting products for your money. ACF cares about price, too. They not only want to get you what you need, but get it to you for the lowest price possible. Best of all, they ship worldwide, anyone and everyone, everywhere can experience their second to none customer expertise.

So, what are you waiting for? Your projects aren’t going to finish themselves, and ACF are ready and waiting for your email. Get online right now, and do the research you need in order to put in that order. And, rest easy, because you’ll never have to go looking elsewhere for fasteners ever again.

UV Inspection Light In The City

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Sep 16th, 2013
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Most UV inspection lights are lightweight units that provide four to six hours of use per charge. They serve lots of purposes, each of which is fairly specific to several different forms of work and labor. If you’re involved in construction, or are working on a project in an urban environment, chances are that at some point you’re going to need the use of one. Still not convinced? Let’s cover a few of the many ways a UV light will come in handy.


One Tool, Multiple Uses


If you’re in the process of renovating an apartment complex, or any other similar type of building, a UV light can detect rodent contamination by searching out fluorescent rodent urine. Also, rodent hair glows blue and is easily identified on sacks or intermixed with food grains. This is also helpful if you work as a food inspector.
The lights are also useful when sorting out forgeries of bank notes, standard checks and travellers’ checks. That’s because forgeries are printed on inferior bleached paper or photocopied. The forgeries will glow under UV light and bona fide checks will be completely dull. If you’re dealing with financial transactions on a consistent basis, the UV light is a requirement.


A Good Look At What The Human Eye May Miss


Also, most newer credit cards have an invisible imprint on the front. As I’m sure you’ve already guess, if there’s no imprint, then the card is a forgery. With the help of a UV light, you can also detect alterations made to legal documents, such as careful erasure or ink eradication and altering paper textures. When dealing with paper currency, each has it’s own unique embedded stripe which show fluoresce under ultraviolet light as follows: $5 glows blue, $10 glows orange, $20 glows green, $50 glows yellow, and $100 glows red. The $1.00 bill has no stripe.

Really, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re working in- a UV light has a million different functions and uses, and with one in your work setting, you’ll be sure to always be prepared. Considering that most brands are both durable and highly affordable, you really don’t have a reason to skip on purchasing one. Hop on the internet, and get to it!

Make Your Halloween In The City One To Remember

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Sep 14th, 2013
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Truth be told, any Halloween celebrated in New York will be one for the record books. The New York City Halloween parade is where you will assuredly find a halloween costume to remember, a person you’ll never forget, a new favorite adult beverage and the time of your life!


When In New York…


Do as the New Yorkers do in celebration of All Hallows Eve:

  • If a Haunted House in Steampunk style is to your liking be sure to take in a one-of-a-kind Third Rail Projects’ theater experience.
  • The garden and museum at the Mount Vernon Hotel is the place to be for the Murder Mystery Halloween extravaganza. How are your forensic skills?
  • Don’t be too scared to take a walking ghost tour through the historic streets Gotham City. Cemeteries and the humble abode of none other than Edgar Allan Poe himself are just a sampling of the sights.
  • Central Park’s celebration is free, free, free!
  • The museum at Merchant House also features ghost stories and tours by candlelight.
  • The infamous Village Parade celebrates Halloween like nowhere else in the world.
  • If one parade isn’t enough take in a silent scary movie and then the ghoulish procession which originates at New York’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine.


Plan The Party Of The Century


Whether it’s a pub crawl or private house party, New York knows how to let their collective hair down! Make your own develish delights or have your party catered. You can get almost anything delivered at almost any time in The Big Apple. Make it an all day affair, an all nighter or party on for days! Make sure there are plenty of party favors, decorations and costumes mandatory. Specify in your invitations the need for costumes and whether or not you’re asking everyone to bring a little something (a good money saver).

Go by yourself, with a certain someone or all together in a group. Just Go! To miss Halloween in New York is to never truly experience what the whole celebration is really about. Things may be bigger in Texas but New York City’s village is the only place to be at 7pm EST this October 31st for the biggest Halloween extravaganza ever.

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